Safe Amalgam Removal

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Safe Amalgam Removal

Having an amalgam silver filling removed exposes you to mercury vapor. When you have this procedure performed in a mercury-safe environment, your exposure is drastically reduced.

As a SMART certified member of the IAOMT(International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), I have been trained on how to remove amalgam silver fillings safely, in order to protect the patient, the assistant, and everybody present at the dental office.  See our office handout on SMART (safe mercury amalgam removal technique).

Please read a blog post written by Christopher Turf,R.PhD.

Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol is Detailed Below:

1. We give the patient a rinse with  activated charcoal or chlorella  before and after the procedure

2. The patient  wears a transparent oxygen mask ,eye protection,nitrile gloves, a bib,a disposable and impermeable gown  during the procedure. 

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3. Use a Latex free rubber dam and Nitrile gloves for dentist and assistant

4. Use a high-volume suction aspirator over the rubber dam and a low suction aspirator under the rubber dam during the removal

5.  Cut the amalgam into chunks and keep the fillings cool during removal

6. Use air vacuum during the removal

7. Air purifier and ionizer in the office good for 3000 sq ft 

8. Remove gloves and clean the patient’s mouth

9. Immediately clean up

10.Disinfection with laser

11. Apply ozone gas over the tooth before the appropriate restoration is placed

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Once the amalgam is remove we restore the tooth with a BPA and Flouride free composite recommend by the IAOMT. Read about the composite we use                      

You can see in the pictures  the attire that we use for us and for the patient. The oxygen mask is transparent. We protect us and our patients.

Office Handout About SMART