Things to think about Prior to Mercury Dental Amalgam Removal by Christopher Turf, R.Ph.

It is likely if you are reading this that you have already decided that you want to use a certified biological dentist practiced in Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) to help with removal of your mercury dental amalgams due to recurrent decay or fracture found. Congratulations!  Dr. Carmen Burke is a great choice as she is SMART certified, and also is an active member of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) and the Holistic Dental Association (HDA). You can be assured that your removal process will be done in a manner that minimizes further exposure to mercury and mercury vapor.

HOWEVER, did you know that even under the safest of removal conditions that the process of removal itself may still cause inflammation and re-distribution of mercury already stored in mouth, nasal/sinus and organ tissues? This may lead to a worsening of symptoms, re-distribution, and even what is termed a “dump phase” where blood levels of mercury and other metals may rise precipitously after amalgam removal. These issues may be avoided with some preparation and planning before, during and after the removal process. Here are things you should think about doing:

Consider consulting a qualified mercury detoxification expert

Detoxification protocols can be very patient specific, and usually require tailoring of a regimen specific to that person. This single step may save you a LOT of time and “down” days.

Consider having a Quicksilver Scientific Mercury Tri-Test or Blood Metals Panel done

Mercury toxicity commonly causes dysregulation of bodily detoxification systems involved with detoxification of OTHER heavy metals and environmental pollutants causing them to rise as well. Arsenic, cadmium and lead are common, among others. The Quicksilver Scientific Blood Metals Panel may help to find issues with other heavy metals and disrupted minerals levels that may need to be addressed with detoxification therapy. Ask Dr. Burke or her staff for more information on testing. You can pick up a test kit at Dr. Burke’s office, and even have your blood drawn for the test in her office.

Avoid fish or seafood for several weeks prior to removal

Fish and seafood, REGARDLESS of whether it is wild caught or farmed, and REGARDLESS of species, all contain methylmercury. This puts an additional burden of mercury on the gut, liver, kidneys and lymph. Avoiding fish or seafood for a period prior to removal will help reduce blood levels and inhibition of drainage pathways.

Before amalgam removal pre-detoxification

Every person is different and may require different levels and lengths of preparation before removal. It is generally NOT a good idea to go directly to removal if you are very sick! It should also be noted that “pre-detox” drainage and minerals loading are excellent steps to do before a full detox protocol.


One of the biggest problems that mercury causes is that it reduces the ability of the liver, kidney, lymph and gut to get rid of, or “drain” mercury itself, but also other heavy metals and environmental toxins. This leads to congested organs, and as the levels of heavy metals and other toxins rises, and symptoms of toxicity get worse. For this reason, it is a good idea to help relieve the burden of toxins by using drainage formulations to reverse damage caused by mercury. Some examples of drainage formulations that are effective in improving drainage are: Soluna or Pekana Detox Kits, which have separate components for liver, kidney and lymph, Ayush Rentone for kidney support, and combinations of bitters and binders to “push” bile flow, and then “catch” those toxins so that they are released via the feces and not recirculated. Numerous scientific studies reveal that up to 95% of methylmercury is “re-circulated” in the body and not eliminated via the feces.


Minerals are an essential part of the detoxification processes in our bodies, and mercury exposure may “hijack” minerals leading to imbalanced and depleted minerals levels. For this reason, it is a good idea to consider using a multi-mineral formulation to build minerals levels to aid with detoxification processes. It should be noted that it is common that people with mercury toxicity to have issues with copper and iron overabundance, and therefore one should look for a supplement without either until it can be established whether they need iron or copper prior to supplementation. (This is typically done with analysis of levels via lab testing).

During the amalgam removal process

The SMART dental amalgam removal process will dramatically reduce the exposure of mercury particulate and mercury vapors, but it may not eliminate exposure 100%. Due to this consideration, it is a good idea to use binders to grab particulates and inflammatory products shunted to the gut. It is recommended to use Quicksilver IMD to bind metals directly prior to removal, and a combination of IMD and charcoal/clay binders directly after. To help reduce inflammation, high dose vitamin C (1000 to 2000mg) may be used directly after removal as well. Liposomal vitamin C is the most highly absorbed, but other C supplements may be used.

After the amalgam removal process

If laboratory testing or symptoms indicate high mercury levels, it is a good idea to begin a mercury detoxification regimen after removal. Analysis of laboratory testing indicates that many folks will continue to retain mercury for many years (over a decade) after amalgam removal. Exposure to mercury has been mitigated by amalgam removal, but the innate ability of the body to get rid of or detoxify mercury may have been damaged due to the high body burden of mercury.

There are many protocols for detoxification of mercury and heavy metals, but not all are equal or appropriate for certain patients. Chemical chelation using IV DMPS, DMSA,EDTA, and other chelation agents are very common. The use of chemical chelation is controversial as it can raise levels of metals in the blood to levels that “overrun” or exceed the ability of organs to drain mercury out via urine, feces, sweat, strip minerals vital to detoxification, and in many people cause an increase in symptoms and re-distribution of metals to organs and the brain. Chemical chelation does little or nothing to improve the body’s ability to detox on its own and does not address environmental pollutants. Chemical chelation protocols are rarely dosed for specific patients and often this “one size fits all” approach may be more harmful than helpful for some.

Another approach is to continue to use the drainage elements previously described and begin to use supplemental agents including binders, antioxidants (vitamin C, R-lipoic acid) and liposomal glutathione in escalating doses to up-regulate innate physiologic detoxification processes. The advantages of this type of protocol are that they are less likely to exceed organ drainage potential, and also help rid the body of environmental pollutants like pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, hormones, plastics (etc.) that we are exposed to everyday and cause symptoms similar to heavy metals exposure. The costs of either therapy are similar, and the advantages of using supplements versus chemical chelation include they can be done at home, versus multiple appointments to go to the doctor’s office and be hooked up to IV’s and can be tapered or tailored for the specific patient in order to minimize adverse effects.

In my opinion, the local company Quicksilver Scientific has the most thorough approaches and scientific research in mercury and heavy metals removal. They have kits and protocols that have helped thousands of people rid their bodies of mercury and other heavy metals successfully and are recognized worldwide as leaders in the detoxification and testing for heavy metals. Dr. Christopher Shade has a PhD in mercury chemistry and has spent his life in pursuit of knowledge in human physiologic detoxification strategies of mercury and heavy metals. It is beyond the scope of this article to detail the various strategies and methods involved, but you will find more information including lectures and videos describing the various aspects of detoxification and testing at




Christopher Turf, R.Ph.

Christopher Turf works as a clinical consultant in conventional and natural medicine therapies in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, consulting with patients from around the world.  Chris’s expertise includes chronic health conditions, heavy metals testing and detox, autoimmune disorders, nutrigenomics, hormone replacement therapies, GI inflammation and dysbiosis, blocked detox pathways, adrenal deficiencies, identifying drug interactions, drug/nutrient interactions and depletions, and product formulations.

A certified compounding pharmacist and herbalist with 25 years of experience, Chris grew up in the Rockies, where, from an early age, he began studying cultivation of garden plants and identification of wild edible and medicinal plants.  He graduated with honors from the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and received its Clinical Pharmacy Award in 1992. Chris continued his education in herbalism through Bastyr University’s Herbal Science program, and received advanced compounding training through PCCA, Gallipot and Medisca, the country’s leading pharmaceutical compounding professional programs.

From 2001 to 2011 Chris served as Head Pharmacist and Director of Pharmacy at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy. Pharmaca delivers conventional and compounded prescription services, along with a full compliment of herbal, homeopathic and functional food supplements with a professional staff of pharmacists, herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths, estheticians and nutritionists. To date Pharmaca has grown to 30 stores in a 5 state area.

Following his tenure at Pharmaca and prior to establishing his own practice, Chris was Chief Clinician at Quicksilver Scientific, a laboratory that specializes in superior liposomal delivery systems, mercury testing and blood metal/nutrient testing. At Quicksilver, Chris’s intensive study of heavy metals chemistry and mechanisms of disease pathogenesis, coupled with Quicksilver’s state of the art testing and liposomal product formulation, made for an environment of discovery and enlightenment. It became even more clear that many of the maladies that seem to be unexplained by conventional medicine are related, and may be explained by altered detoxification ability, dietary habits, epigenetics and environmental exposure. Even more exciting to Chris, was his deepening understanding of how disease states can be altered with the proper application of lifestyle, dietary modification and targeted supplementation strategies. For more information see


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Laser Dentistry with Fotona Lightwalker Laser


Our office is happy to announce the purchase of a Fotona Lightwalker Laser and Dr Burke has completed a continuing education certification in Laser Dentistry. Our goal is to offer the highest level of Holistic Dentistry in Colorado and this  technology allows us to do so. 

Laser fits in with our holistic philosophy since it affects the cells producing less  inflammation, increasing growth , speeding  healing, decreasing pain .

It has an influence on producing collagen which affects  gum tissue , skin, dentin, bone  and stimulates  fibroblasts, macrophages  and other cells.

 The Fotona Laser is a comprehensive piece of dental technology that is transforming the way we perform basic and complex dental procedures at our office. The result is an all-inclusive laser device capable of delivering greater patient comfort, faster healing and better overall accuracy than traditional laser treatments.

Most patients are candidates for laser dental treatment. We use the LightWalker for a variety of treatment services, including those pertaining to operative dentistry (many filling can be done without anesthesia) , endodontics, periodontics, surgical procedures, and cosmetics. Whether you are undergoing a basic root canal, preparing to receive new crowns or simply looking for a whiter smile, laser dental treatment may be right for you.  The average laser dentistry patient enjoys several treatment benefits:

  • Less discomfort during treatment
  • Reduced post treatment pain and swelling
  • Rapid healing time
  • Less bleeding
  • Fewer post surgical complications
  • Less trauma to the surrounding dental tissue

Dental lasers have been used in numerous procedures for many years. Countless patients have been satisfied with the reduced need for shots and anesthesia, and many are happy to avoid the unpleasant sounds, smells and sensations experienced with a drill.  If you have any questions on our newest technology please contact us

 Learning from Dr Judson Wall in Utah about applications of laser in Holistic Dentistry

Learning from Dr Judson Wall in Utah about applications of laser in Holistic Dentistry

 Learning  how to perform a  root canal with a Holistic approach from Dr Valery Kanter

Learning  how to perform a  root canal with a Holistic approach from Dr Valery Kanter

 More continuing education In Las Vegas institute 

More continuing education In Las Vegas institute 

Drink Carbonated and Acidic Drinks Safely

I wanted to write this post about carbonated and acidic drinks because I am finding that  more and more of my patients like to drink acidic beverages, for instance  Kombucha, Apple Cider Vinegar,Lemon Water, Sparkling Water. I have also found in some of them that despite of their clean diet and good oral habits they present cavities in the gum line.

I will give a little description of each of those drinks and how to enjoy them when at the same time you can prevent those cavities( Decay).

Apple Cider Vinegar: This ancient elixir has been used for thousands of years, and as a matter of fact, Hippocrates, the "father of medicine" used ACV as a natural antibiotic and antiseptic for his patients as far back as 400 B.C.!  It is claimed  that has the following properties: helps controlling your blood sugars, improving your digestion, flushing out toxins, losing weight, healing your skin, cancer prevention, fighting Gout, getting rid of warts, and even killing fleas on your pets!

Kombucha: It is a fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years.  It is claimed that not only does it have the same health benefits as tea, but it's also rich in beneficial probiotics.  Kombucha also contains antioxidants, can kill harmful bacteria and may help fight several diseases.

Lemon Water: is claimed that helps with  hydration, skin quality,It’s a good source of vitamin C,supports weight loss,aids digestion and freshens breath.

These beverages have a good health impact and it would be a good idea to drink them safely, otherwise they damage our teeth at the same degree as any soda does.

Before I start explaining how the acidic ph causes erosion in our enamel, let me point out some characteristics of the enamel:

Enamel is the most external layer of the tooth, the hardest substance in the human body and contains the highest percentage of minerals;it does not contain blood vessels or nerves and it is very vulnerable to acids.

 It does not grow back. Once it has been damaged, that loss becomes permanent. As hard as tooth enamel is, it can sustain a lot of damage, and erosion ranks as the most common type of tooth enamel damage.

Knowing that, we need to be careful when we drink  any beverage with  an acidic PH.

The following are some recommendations that not only  allow you to enjoy your drink but also prevent enamel loss

1-Use a straw: using a straw will prevent that the acidic drink seats for long time on our teeth dissolving our enamel. It would be good to use one which goes to the back  in order to have it close to the throat.

2-Drink it in a short period of timedon't sip on it throughout the day. This will contribute to having an acidic PH for a longer time, affecting the enamel of the teeth. Enjoy your drink but try to drink 4 ounces  in 10 minutes maximum.

3-Rinse your mouth with  water( alkaline is better) or an alkaline solution: once  you are done drinking a carbonated drink, rinse your mouth at least 5 times  with  either alkaline water or baking soda in water or salt water or xylitol in water etc. Doing so, you will help your saliva to raise the PH in your mouth. Our oral health goes better with alkaline PH than acidic PH.

4-Don't brush your teeth after you finish your carbonated or acidic drink: Due to the acidic PH  the enamel  is weakened , scrubbing that weakened surface will only  liberate more minerals from the tooth surface. It is better to wait at least 30 minutes before you brush your teeth.

5-Use an Oral Probiotic: Oral probiotics are live bacteria that are identical to the beneficial microorganisms found naturally in your mouth. The addition of oral probiotics to an oral care regimen can restore the natural balance of beneficial bacteria. Oral probiotics are different than regular probiotics. Probiora is a good example of an oral probiotic.








A Practice for the Whole Family

We Offer Holistic / Biological Dentistry To All Ages!

We are a family holistic dental practice and we love seeing kids( Older than 12 years old), adolescents, adults, and seniors. Our staff understands how important it is for children to grow up with positive experiences at the dentist, as it is for anyone at any age. When you come for your first visit we do a comprehensive examination; we will interview you about habits and diet to understand your needs, where you are, and where  you would like to be with your oral health. We'll cover good hygiene practices and guide you with your eating habits. We are willing to work with any health practitioner you are seeing in order to give you the best guidance to achieve your optimal health. We’ll teach you how to brush and floss your teeth and how to do it for your loved ones. 

We do our best to give our patients the best experience in our practice!

It is our goal to help our patients to take control of their oral health, leading them to an optimal stage, and have the knowledge and tools to keep it. For instance, we'll guide you on how to clean your child’s primary teeth since they are very important in the preparation and establishment of their permanent teeth.  


We use the cleanest dental  materials and the latest technology to perform dental treatments. We are a mercury- and fluoride-free office and use BPA-free sealants and composites.  Check out our services page


We have a small area for kids in our office with a table, toys, pencils, colors, books, coloring books, and coloring paper to facilitate their transition to the dental chair. For adults, we have interesting books and magazines about holistic health that can be read while resting on comfortable chairs and drinking filtered water or tea.



We are a dental practice fit for the entire family and promise to treat you and your family  the way we would treat our own.


Treating black triangles, gaps and restoring posterior teeth with BioClear Injection Molding Technique

As we age, sometimes unwelcome dark spaces appear between our teeth.  Besides adding an older appearance to our simile, these dark spaces may also collect food debris and plaque. Also known as dental black triangles - the clinical terminology is gingival embrasures - they can be the result of bone loss, recession of the gum line, or movement of the teeth.

Some people have naturally occurring gaps between their teeth called diastema.  Though not unhealthy, gaps between the teeth are sometimes the source of embarrassment or low self-esteem.


Until recently, dentists repaired “black triangles” and gaps with porcelain veneers.  A method for restoring function and appearance, veneers are thin layers of ceramic that adhered to the teeth.  Applying the veneer, though, first involved removing portions of the tooth surface to make room. With BioClear, the natural tooth can be preserved so there is no additional loss of minerals. The BioClear technique achieves aesthetic beauty in a healthy way.

BioClear is also beneficial for posterior teeth. For posterior teeth, the Injection Molding Technique can many times be used to  prevent  having to place crown. There are clear indications to get a crown, but now we can restore teeth with this technique which before we had only the option of placing a crown. 

This technique uses addition instead of amputation,which  strengthens  the tooth. In addition, it is a more cost effective and conservative approach.

BioClear Injection Molding Technique is a new system that uses composite material, easily bonded to any part of the tooth, to close the gaps, align uneven teeth, cover chips and even out the color.  It is minimally invasive and cost effective treatment that uses clear forms which are filled with a composite material matched to the shade of your teeth.  The forms are removed leaving behind smooth contoured composite that has beautiful shine this is smooth to the touch.  The form sits just below the gum line, meaning the teeth will appear to emerge naturally.  The tight contacts achieved with this system mean that the papilla (the gum in-between the teeth) is hugged back into place, revealing a healthy and youthful smile.

2 bioclear-before-after-female.jpg

This procedure is much less expensive than porcelain veneers, can be completed in one visit, is stain resistant and durable, and closes up the unsightly “black triangles.” There is no need to remove enamel or grind a tooth prior to application.

If your teeth are healthy (meaning there is no decay or significant damage that would require a crown to repair) BioClear may be a good option for you.  It is minimally invasive and your teeth will look healthy and gap-free.

Dr. Burke has completed two BioClear Matrix courses at the BioClear Learning Center in Tacoma Washington and is fully certified in this technique. BioClear fits into her philosophy of conservative, minimally evasive dentistry.

To learn about BioClear please contact us at Family Holistic Dentistry 303-219-0499

Dental Materials Reactivity Test in Holistic Dentistry

What is the  Materials Sensitivity and Reactivity Test?

We offer bio compatibility tests to patients that have a lot of environmental sensitivities or have reacted negatively to certain dental materials in the past.  We offer both Clifford and Biocomp lab . These laboratories' screening processes help to identify existing sensitivity problems to various chemical groups and families of compounds in an individual.  After the test has been completed, your reactivity results are compiled in a report.  

In modern society, contact is made every day with many substances in the food you eat, the products you use, and the treatments you receive. Because everyone possesses a unique biochemistry, these substances affect everyone differently and to varying degrees. For some, the effects of certain substances (and their corrosion byproducts) can be toxic and hazardous, and may result in serious health problems. A substance which causes little or no reaction in one individual can prove harmful to another.

Since these effects vary, it is vital that these factors be considered when choosing dental and other materials for use in your body, especially when you have special or unique health concerns. These tests provide Dr. Burke with extensive information about your individual sensitivities so that she can choose the best materials to use in your treatment.

How do I order the test?

Dr. Burke can make the kits readily available to anyone wishing to identify any existing sensitivity problems. However, Dr. Burke does not have the capabilities to perform testing in his office. The kits can be self ordered at the 

How to use the test?

You place the kit  in the freezer all night, you fast for 8 to 10 hours avoiding animal protein. Go to a  local laboratory in the morning to get your blood draw , send it to Biocomp(The instructions to follow are found inside the kit). They analyze your blood against dental materials available in the market  and send you and Dr Burke a report(by email and mail) in 1- 2 days. With this result Dr Burke can show you the materials that you react the least and you both can choose the best ones for your health.