Chemical-free environment

Chemical-free environment

At Family Holistic dentistry we avoid all chemicals as much as possible; we clean with eco-friendly, non-scented materials, and staff does not use perfume or other synthetic fragrances. One in three individuals in the US has chemical sensitivity so we limit the exposure as much as possible for our patients and their families. We want our patients to feel comfortable and safe from overexposure to chemicals and synthetic fragrances when they are here.

To ensure clean air in the office, we have a Vollara air purifier, with an ionizer. It has negatively charged ions  which remove pollutants from the air. ActivePure Technology duplicates nature to safely reduce contaminants on surfaces.

We have an Amalgam separator to protect the water of Boulder and be complaint with EPA regulations.

Refreshments are limited to tea, to avoid offering anything that might have a negative impact on our patient’s health and filtered and purified water, using a Berkey filter. 

We only use Nitrile gloves and non latex rubber dam to avoid adverse reactions in patients allergic to Latex.

We carry some special instruments without metal for people that has metal sensitivity or have reacted to dental instruments in the past. Please let us know if that is your case when you make the appointment and we will have those ready to use for your dental procedure.

We use a diffuser with essential oils  to have the benefits of aromatherapy , when our patients request it.

We  disinfect and sterilize all our instruments , burs and hand pieces  in individual packages  after each use to follow OSHA regulations and protect the health of our patients and ours.

We don't have pets in our office. 

We use a  CT and the digital sensor  with the lowest radiation in the market

At family Holistic Dentistry we want our patients to feel at home! 

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