As an added service to help our patients deal with dental anxiety, our office offers complimentary use of NuCalm technology during dental procedures.  NuCalm is a clinical system designed to help your mind and body relax naturally within just minutes.

Designed by neuroscientist Dr. Blake Holloway as a way to treat patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, NuCalm works by using bio-chemistry, physics and neurophysiology to rapidly and reliably relax brain and body functions. There are no side effects, and there is no recuperative time or supervision needed.  This system is a great, drug free way for patients to deal with anxiety in the dental chair. A true benefit is patients can get up and drive and go about their normal activities as opposed to having to take the day off after being sedated with drugs.


The entire system is based around four key components that work in synergy to bring you into a deep state of calm. It only takes a few minutes to administer these steps, and the patient begins to feel relaxed almost immediately.


The first step is for you to apply a special topical cream that is designed to counteract adrenaline. The proprietary formula was designed by NuCalm and includes structured, nutrient-sourced building blocks that work quickly to create a natural relaxation response. The second step is micro-simulation patches are applied.  These little patches, which are placed behind the ear, have been shown to help facilitate the relaxation response. The third is giving the patient headphones. These noise-softening headphones play relaxing music that helps bring your brain wave pace to the pre-sleep stages. Finally we place a light-blocking eye masks help the patient avoid visual stimuli and maintain their relaxation state.  The combination of these four components gives you a fully immersive experience, erasing your stress or anxiety and helping you achieve a deeper level of calm.

The system calms the brain by bringing alert beta brain wave function down to the alpha/theta ranges. Beta brain waves are associated with everyday activity. High beta brain waves are associated with fear, stress and anxiety. Alpha brain waves are considered the first stage of sleep and are associated with relaxation and peacefulness during deep meditation. NuCalm brings the patient’s brain waves from beta, or high beta down to the alpha and theta ranges, guiding the patient’s mind and body into a state of deep relaxation.

While NuCalm helps with dental patients who suffered from severe anxiety while in the dentist’s chair, the system is also being used by the Chicago Blackhawks NHL team as well as a number of experts in the fields of oncology, psychotherapy, plastic surgery, addictive disease, medical weight loss and cranial sacral therapy.  Here is a link to an article by Tony Robbins who is a big fan of the NuCalm system, which he uses to relax during his demanding schedule.

If you have any questions on NuCalm you can contact our office or visit the NuCalm website.