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  KIJA  Office Manager

KIJA - Office Manager

Anakija (“kaiya”) Cross is a Boulder native. She met Dr. Burke in July 2016 when she became her dental assistant. Prior to dentistry, she spent 5 years working at the Cleveland Museum of Art after completing her MA in Literature at the University of CO in 2011. Meeting Dr. Burke and discovering holistic dentistry has been a blessing in her life and helped her implement the changes needed to thrive in mind, body, and spirit. As Dr. Burke’s office manager she is able to interact with like-minded people and help ease any fears or anxieties about coming to the dentist. She loves to help people by making them feel comfortable and well cared for. After years of experiencing anxiety, stomach pain, and general malaise, seeking different conventional methods of treatment, Kija has found alternative treatments in ozone therapy, diet, homeopathy, and acupuncture to be the best remedies for her various ailments. Emotional well-being and physical health are of course interrelated and Dr. Burke provides opportunities and guidance for healing and nourishment to her staff and her patients.

  NATALIE Dental Assistant

NATALIE - Dental Assistant

I’m Natalie Cruthirds, I am originally from Iowa and I moved to Colorado in 2014. I wanted to live in this beautiful state because I love being close to the mountains and enjoying all of the healthy aspects that Colorado, and of course Boulder, has to offer. I always knew that I wanted to work in the dental field, however, I never knew that holistic dentistry even existed. I completed my Dental Assistant program in 2017 and it wasn’t until shortly after that I had first heard about holistic dentistry. I immediately knew that this was my passion and I wanted to work in a holistic office to learn more about all of these amazing alternatives. The reason I wanted to work in the dental field is because I believe that smiling and laughing is the purest form of joy and happiness and nobody should ever be afraid or embarrassed to express that. The idea that I could help others improve their self confidence, and at the same time do it in a healthy and natural way, just sounded so enjoyable. Therefore, I was overly excited when I found Dr. Carmen Burke. She has taught me more than I ever could imagine and my life has only changed for the better. I now follow a paleo/ ketogenic diet, I use Ozone therapy, herbal medicines, and I am more aware of many harmful chemicals. Every single day I strive to learn more about these subjects not only better myself, but also the people around me. It is so refreshing to be surrounded by like-minded people who also share an interest in these holistic and alternative approaches. In my free time I enjoy hiking, running, golfing, and spending time with my friends and family.

 Jaime Gallegos  She is a Registered dental hygienist