Ultrasonic Scaler

Ultrasonic Scaler.jpg

An ultrasonic scaler is a power driven scaler that is used by our hygienist during many types of dental cleanings.  The vibrations and movements from the ultrasonic scaler crush calculus, disrupt bacteria and biofilm, and remove stains.  There is a water spray during application which cools the instrument. At Family Holistic Dentistry we use ozonated water spray which also acts as a lavage to remove bacteria and biofilm and helps promote healing of deep pockets >4mm. The ultrasonic scaler was introduced in the late 1950’s but has been revolutionized by rapidly changing technology. The scaler has improved dental treatment outcomes and has enhanced patient comfort. And we all know patient comfort is key.

There are many benefits to ultrasonic scaling during your dental cleaning.  You can benefit from the ultrasonic scaler if you have gum disease, heavy stain, heavy calculus behind your lower front teeth, are sensitive to the pressure of hand scaling, and even if you have braces. If you have periodontal pockets the scaler penetrates deep down while causing minimal tissue distention. It cleans the roots of teeth using less pressure.  The vibrations are softer and gentler to the tooth structure while removing heavy stain, calculus and plaque. The cooling spray facilitates healing with a water lavage that removes bacteria and biofilm. Inflamed tissues from braces will also see and feel the benefits. Ultrasonic scaling will leave your teeth feeling smooth and clean.