Gallery of Procedures


Carries Removal and Restoration with Bioclear


This patient came from another office where he was told he needed a RCT (root canal treatment and a crown). Tooth was vital. I offered Selective Caries Removal and an injection molding technique (Bioclear matrices). I told him that we could watch the tooth and do vitality test every 6 months to be sure the tooth is alive. The procedure was done on 04/30/2018.


The patient has been at the office for periodic exams and cleanings and the tooth is alive and he can chew normally with it (he even wrote a review for us in Google). Notice the round contour of the restoration (filling). It’s easier to clean, which means bacteria won't stay there facilitating the restoration to last longer (using dental floss every night).


Bioclear Restoration of fractured tooth with ceramic Composite


This patient had an accident at his school and got the left upper central ( Tooth #9) fractured.

He came to our office and we did a bioclear restoration with a ceramic composite without BPA for #9.


Mom and son were so happy with the result. Mom wrore this  after the appointment: “Dr Burke, he's so happy with his teeth. I took a closer look and your work is beautiful. The 2 -tone touch makes the tooth look so real and the front teeth are symetric! You were a lifesaver today."


Repair of Fractured Restoration with Bioclear


This patient came to our office with a fractured restoration wondering if she could avoid a crown.


The Bioclear restoration was done instead of a crown, costing the patient less money and saving more tooth surface.

Notice the round contour of the restoration. This is much easier for the patient to clean and this prevents bacteria proliferation, making the restoration last much longer. The Bioclear injection molding process and technique makes this possible.


Close Black Triangles with BioClear


This patient came to our office asking for Bioclear to close his black triangles. He had braces twice and the space between his front teeth couldn’t be closed. After getting a dental cleaning he could see his black triangles more pronounced and his self esteem was affected.


He wanted to get an alternative with a natural look to close the gaps. We closed them with BPA free composite without removing tooth structure.


Veneer Removal and Repair with BioClear


This patient came to Family Holistic Dentistry because she didn't like the appearance of her veneer in her lateral incisor and needed to start a new job. She couldn't neither afford nor wait for a new veneer. BioClear was a great option for her. We removed the old veneer and did a BioClear restoration for her with a BPA and fluoride free composite.


The result was a more natural and beautiful restoration that is more conservative and less expensive than veeners. In addition we completed this in one appointment. After one hour she was ready to start her new job. Later she will come back for us to fix her central incisor.


Bridge and Diastema Closure


This patient came to our office and Dr Burke found decay under the bridge from teeth #9-11(upper left) and a diastema (space) between the two bridges.


Dr Burke removed the old bridge on the upper left, removed decay, disinfected with laser and O2/O3 therapy. The new bridge was made and the diastema was closed. Patient was very pleased with the result.