Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry


We are a family practice and we love seeing kids. Kija, My office manager and I are both mothers with young children and we understand how important it is for children to grow up with positive experiences at the dentist. In addition, Natalie our dental assistant is a young lady with great empathy to kids.  When you and your child come for your first visit and examination, we will cover good hygiene practices that you can do as a parent to help improve your child’s overall dental health. A good diet is necessary for oral health, and it is important to start emphasizing the influence of a proper diet early on in your child's life.  We’ll teach you how to brush and floss your child's teeth.  You can watch a video where I am brushing my daughter's teeth. 

We do our best to give kids the best experience in our practice!

It is our goal to help your child avoid preventable cavities.  Your child’s primary teeth are very important in the preparation and establishment of their permanent teeth.  It is vital that your child’s primary teeth are left in until they are naturally lost. Primary teeth serve three main roles: They support the permanent teeth by saving space, they help your children chew their food properly, and they aid in the progress of speech development.

We have a small area for kids in our office with a table,toys, pencils, colors, books,coloring books and coloring paper to facilitate their transition to the dental chair. 



If you child does need dental work done, we will use only the cleanest materials. We are a mercury  and fluoride free office and use BPA free sealants and composites. We use only materials recommended by the IAOMT, the professional organization which monitors holistic dentistry.  We also can incorporate ozone into treatments.  I had four families with very young children come to us last year who had a child that had intensive decay.  It was recommended to put them under general anesthesia to perform their dental treatment.  Instead, we used ozone trays, advised parents on habit adjustments, and gave nutritional counseling in order to buy some time. We then began filling the child's teeth individually as they matured. Those kids have responded very well to the treatment.

" We had a wonderful experience working with Dr. Burke. We found out our little baby 2 year old had decay, it was devastating. This was also a shock to us at the time as you couldn't even see it. We were referred to a pediatric dentist and were told to have her put under anesthesia and crown 8 of her teeth. This all started when she was about 1 1/2. We were not comfortable with this recommendation. No she wasn't eating sweets, it turns out to have been a perfect storm. She was almost exclusively breastfed but when solids were introduced she wasn't getting properly rinsed before nursing. She has a lip tie. She drank out of a water bottle with a straw. She also was very resistant to brushing and I wasn't pushy about it. So her brushing was probably not proper, I figured eventually she would get used to it. There were certainly other factors as well. But again shocking as our family has a healthy diet and lifestyle and great oral health. Anyway, we opted for strict diet changes, supplementing and a more confident approach to brushing and we halted her decay. I wrote a letter to Dr. Burke explaining our situation and asked for an appt. we were coming from ND. She was so wonderful, worked with us and put a long appt on her schedule. We had been preparing for the appt by playing dentist etc. and Dr. Burke just made everything go very smoothly. It turned out we were right her decay had halted and her spots were hard. Except one, which was hard to reach. Dr. Burke filled that one and used ozone. Our daughter needed many breaks and she just was so accommodating and very gentle. It went much smoother than ever expected. Thank you Dr. Burke, it was wonderful having you work with our daughter.",1,,,


In addition, if your child has any chemical sensitivities we can do materials testing reactivity.  


We are a dental practice fit for the entire family and promise to treat your kids the way we would treat our own.

Services offered for kids in our office:

  • Cleanings with ozone

  • Ozone trays

  • BPA free sealants and composite fillings

  • Extractions

  • Appliances such as space maintainer

  • Frenectomies

  • Second opinions

  • Evaluation of the space available for the permanent teeth

  • Remineralization with alternatives to fluoride