Ozone Therapy(O2/O3)


Ozone Therapy(O2/O3)

Ozone is made up of three oxygen atoms.  It is the elemental form of oxygen that occurs naturally as a result of ultraviolet light in combination with atmospheric electrical discharge, or lightning, which causes a temporary recombination of oxygen atoms into groups of three. An ozone generator simulates lightning via an electrical discharge field.  Ozone is also formed naturally in our bodies by the immune system to kill invading bacteria, viruses,protozoa,  parasites and fungus. It works because oxygen is the only gas that has a terminal electron receptor and can carry an electrical charge.

Ozone is an anti-inflammatory and has strong disinfectant properties. It enables non-toxic wound healing.  It increases circulation via nitric oxide and has high redox potential.  Ozone is a powerful oxidizer, and therefore it is a great natural therapy to address infections commonly seen in the oral cavity.

Ozone enhances gum treatment,  root canals, extractions, and even cavity prevention. Gum disease is a result of multiple factors including diet, systemic conditions,type of bacteria and oral hygiene habits. Ozone therapy improves the state of the gums while reducing the unhealthy pressures on the overall system.

In our practice, we are irrigating with ozonated water along with scaling the teeth. This is followed by an infusion of gas directly into the gum pockets. Using this method, we virtually eliminate pathogens. In addition, the gums respond with increased blood flow and healing. Patients can augment this treatment at home with ozonated olive oil. The methods applied are safe and efficacious, with no toxicity or side effects. If you need to be referred to a periodontist, we'll be more than happy to do so. 

Ozone is equally as promising in root canal treatment. We can further eliminate other toxins by offering ozonated products as an alternative to conventional chemicals. Ozone disinfects the potential chronic state of infection surrounding a root canal-treated tooth. Ozone gas permeates and disinfects throughout the lateral canals and tubules in a tooth. The bacteria in the tooth create a positive charge. Ozone, as it is the only gas to carry an electrical charge, gets attracted to the very infection it is trying to fight. The pathogens attract the ozone, essentially committing suicide. Thus, concerns affiliated with root canals can be reduced.We will refer you to an endodontist when the case demands that.

Ozone is also being used to stop small cavities and to inhibit deeper cavities from degenerating into root canals. It is especially useful for treating cavities in the children as minimal drilling is all that is required. I have treated small children with ozone trays who were recommended to be put under general anesthesia.  We used ozone trays, advised parents on habit adjustments and nutritional counseling in order to buy some time, and we slowly started filling their teeth individually as the child matured. 

Dr. Burke is certified in Ozone Therapy from the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry.  We use a state of the art medical grade ozone generator manufactured by Longevity Resources, which produces ultra-pure, contaminant free ozone from pure oxygen.