Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings with Ozone, Laser ( for deep cleanings) and a Probiotic

Our oral health depends on many factors such as the type of bacteria present in our mouth, hygiene habits (how well and how often we brush and floss our teeth), diet, health of our immune system, P.H. of the mouth, among others. At Family Holistic Dentistry we do our best to help our patients make the necessary adjustments to improve their oral health.

Here are some of the things we will address

Bacteria: We will guide you if you need an Oral DNA test to know what bacteria is present in your mouth. We recommend this test when we see unusual signs of inflammation, decay and/ or stubborn pockets.

Oral Hygiene : We educate you on how to maintain a good oral hygiene routine.

Nutritional Guidance: we will guide you on which food to avoid, what to eat including  the right time to eat it and how to combine different type of food in order to maintain an alkaline ph and avoid feeding bad bacteria.

Overall Health: We would refer you to the right health practitioner in the case we find a sign in your mouth of any disease or condition related to your overall health.

Alkaline P.H.: We  give our patients tools and tips to maintain an approximately 7 ph in their mouth during the day and night. Bacteria needs an acidic P.H. to produce more acid and disolve the minerals of our teeth. Having an alkaline P.H. would stop the acidic production by the bacteria.

After the exam is done and we determine which type of  a dental cleaning you need (regular or deep cleaning) and if you need laser therapy or not.

On Site we do a very detail oriented dental cleaning which includes:

Magnification Loupes: Our hygienists use loupes to be sure they see all the plaque that needs to be removed and to be able to evaluate your teeth and the oral soft tissue as well.

Headphones with a relaxing music: We offer to our patients these noise-softening headphones playing relaxing music that helps bring your brain wave to a pre-sleep stages.  Alphastim or NuCalm : They are clinical system designed to help your mind and body relax naturally within just minutes.

Disclosing solution ( substance which paints the plaque): This is used to show you where the places are that are accumulating biofilm (plaque) and where you need to work in order to keep the plaque at a lower level.

Ozone (O2/O3) insufflation: We start with ozone in your gums to keep the bacteria under control. We don’t want you to swallow the bacteria during the cleaning. Some people don’t feel well after a regular cleaning. This is because the bacteria that is pulled out during the cleaning can be pushed to the bloodstream and gut. Ozone therapy helps to remediate this because bacteria can’t survive in an oxygen rich environment. You can read more about ozone therapy here

Ozonated water and an antibacterial  tonic rinse : The tonic is made of herbs and is used in conjunction with ozonated water in order to keep the bacteria under control.

Cavitron with ozonated water : If the patient is comfortable with a cavitron, a cavitron is used to remove big calculus (calcified plaque).

Hand Scalers: We continue with these per quadrant irrigating with ozonated water and antibacterial tonic.

Polishing: We polish with a fluoride free paste which helps remove stains from food and is non abrasive enamel.

Last Rinse: We finish with ozonated water and antibacterial herb tonic.

Oral  probiotic: Finally we give you an oral probiotic in order repopulate your mouth with a good bacteria.

If you need laser treatment to address deep periodontal pockets we will let you know and Dr Burke could perform that and Dr Pearl Lai can do a comprehensive periodontal examination. During the cleaning our experience hygienists give you advice on how to maintain a good oral hygiene.