Planmeca CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)


We have an in house Planmeca CBCT 3D imaging system.  CBCT is well suited for imaging in the craniofacial area and provides clear three dimensional of highly contrasted structures and is extremely useful in evaluating the bone.  In our office we use CBCT in place of our standard panoramic X-rays. The extra information is invaluable, from finding impacted tooth locations in children, to locating asymptomatic endodontic lesions and pathology in all of our patients.  We use this technology for all our patients when it is needed. The patients are amazed by the technology, and it gives them a far greater understanding of any issues they may be having. As dentists, we’re used to looking at two-dimensional images and interpreting a three-dimensional picture. Patients are now seeing things in three dimensions  and greatly increases their understanding of the problem and its location. This is especially true of bone defects associated with periodontal disease and endodontic lesions from old root canals. We have monitors in front of each patient chair that allow patients to sit with us and codiagnose their issues. This is very exciting, for both the patient and us.


This vacuum cleans the operatory air when performing extractions, high speed drilling and certain other procedures including dental Mercury amalgam removal where an oral aerosol vacuum system is recommended or required.  This turbo is a mobile, stand alone, hands free air cleaning device with a flexible source suction duct designed to capture and filter toxic odors, vapors and particulates away from the breathing area for a safer breathing environment.