The frenum is a small piece of tissue between the lips and jaw, or between the tongue and the lower jaw. Some people have a large frenum that restricts the movement of their tongue or lips. This may not result in noticeable symptoms however research has shown this restriction movement to have adverse systemic effects. 

Reasons why the labial and tongue frenum should be cut when they are tight:

The tongue should be able to hit the roof of the mouth because doing that the pituitary gland gets stimulated. The tongue touches the palate at the sphenobasilar synchondrosis (where the pituitary gland is located). The tongue allows the stimulation of the pituitary gland and the pituitary gland has a lot of functions with our hormones. When the tongue can’t touch the roof of the mouth there is tension and the pituitary is not stimulated correctly, so it affects hormonal function. Stress in this area can disrupt pituitary function and congest the flow of pituitary hormones traveling into the body’s circulation. This can lead to muscle aches, weight gain, or even atypical growth.

Another reason is that having the tongue and/or lip tight, tension is produced and those frenums restrict mobility causing neck pain and obstruction of the air way, because the brain (dura matter, pia, aracnoid) is covered by a shield that goes to the spinal cord and it is connected to the tail bone. That mobility restriction causes a lot of tension and stress. Cutting the tongue and labial frenum is beneficial to prevent or improve neck pain, to promote stimulation of the pituitary gland, to breath better, avoid gum retraction, diastema, and correct occlusion.

At Family Holistic Dentistry we can perform a procedure called a frenectomy, which means the removal of some of this tissue to allow a more natural movement of the tongue or lips. A frenectomy can be performed with a laser or with traditional methods. With both methods the recovery is quick and there is little discomfort.