Digital X-Ray


At Family Holistic Dentistry, Dr Burke and her staff are aware of the consequences of excessive radiation that is why instead of x-ray film, we have digital radiography which uses a digital image capture device. The advantages of this device are many, including immediate image preview and availability and a wider dynamic range. A wider dynamic range is more forgiving with over-and under-exposure, and it also allows the application of special image processing techniques that enhance the overall display quality of the image.

We carry an intraoral Dexis sensor to ensure the experience is comfortable for all patients. The Dexis sensor is the latest available on the market and is smaller than film x-rays and other digital sensors with curved edges for the patient’s comfort. If you have a small mouth, don’t worry, this sensor will fit and be more comfortable than many that you may have previously used. We also can use our Planmeca to take bitewings or a panoramic image when is needed.