Everyone, I want to introduce Dr Anna Jumtina , our new dentist to you. Now we can see new patients including kids under 12. Dr Jumtina is a kind, gentle holistic dentist who has a big heart and is really committed to Biological dentistry. She is great with her hands, very friendly and compassionate. You can read more about her below.

Before we needed to stop seeing kids under 12 but now you can set up an appointment. We want to help our patients to start getting a healthier dentistry from a young age. We are a family holistic dental practice seeing all ages.

Dr Anna Jumtina's Bio:

Hi, my name is Dr. Anna Jumtina. I was born and raised in Latvia, and lived 10 years in Alaska before moving to Colorado to attended the University of Colorado school of Dental Medicine.

Growing up in Latvia I became connected to nature from a very early age. There was almost an ethos about the way we treated what we put in our bodies and the earth. My philosophy is that our bodies have innate wisdom for healing, and my goal is to guide my patients to their optimal oral health by using biocompatible materials and finding the root cause of their symptoms.

I met Dr. Burke when I was a 4th year dental student. I was looking for opportunities that aligned with my beliefs, and fortunately for me Dr. Burke was looking for someone to join her practice at the same time. The rest is history!

I feel that a building a two-way, trusting relationship with a patient is one of the most important aspects of dentistry. So for me it’s important for patients to get their care in an environment that’s warm, respectful, well organized, and calm. I pride myself in being empathetic, welcoming and a good listener, and have found these qualities to be vital in my dental career.

I practice dentistry using the Fotona laser and am currently taking Bioclear classes as well as courses from Dr. Judson Wall. I’m an active member of the IAOMT and I love learning about the latest advancements in holistic dentistry.

I’ve always loved working with my hands, whether that’s in the garden or drawing art or sculpting clay. I have two rescue dogs, Kenai and Juneau, who I love to go on nature hikes with and they are perfect campers.

I love seeing patients of all ages, including children, whom I believe can benefit so much from a holistic approach to dentistry. We’ve all personally experienced how scary a dental environment can be, especially when we’re young, so I place great emphasis on keeping your little ones at ease.